Just Think 1st Violence Prevention Campaign

Urban Rez Solutions has partnered with the Toronto Police Services Board and Toronto Police Service to conduct the Just Think 1st Campaign. Just Think 1st initiatives will include captivating and poignant public service announcements (radio, print, digital signage, and transit advertising), relevant social media proliferation, and a series of creative, exciting, and informative community interactions. This multi-faceted initiative will engage and urge individuals 12-29 who have the propensity to live a high-risk criminal lifestyle or those who are on the cusp of high-risk activity to think before they act and consider the consequences of their actions.

Just Think 1st is also aimed at generating awareness and education about mitigating gun violence and high-risk behaviour. This campaign is seen as an effective tool that will seamlessly integrate conflict management techniques and encourage thought processing to reach informed judgments about participating in high-risk activities.

The Just Think 1st campaign objectives are as follows:

  • Reduce incidences of violence in the City of Toronto through effective and relevant media and social communication.
  • Encourage individuals to THINK BEFORE THEY ACT, thereby mitigating negative outcomes.
  • Promote pro-social beliefs, identity and self-worth.
  • Via Pop Culture, provide access to new skills, knowledge, attitude and values.
  • Exposure to new meaning and purpose in life.
  • Creating a positive medium and long term vision of self for individuals whose immediate circumstances inhibit goal setting.
  • Completing a project with tangible results that will continue to inspire further primary.
  • objective of enhancing community and police relations.
  • Fostering an environment of self-evaluation and positive change.
  • Breaking down barriers through relationship healing and enhancement.
  • Celebrating outcomes and achievements as they happen within communities.